Interesting Women Podcast

The Interesting Women Podcast


Season 1 update:  We are currently wrapping up the final interviews and have started on the editing and post-production for the season.  Many people have asked us why we are holding all the episodes until we have the full season finished, and the simple answer is because that is the way that we have decided to produce the show.

“When we conceived of the series, it was on a snowy evening in Toronto in January 2020 – what literally seems to be ten years ago instead of just months ago.  The original plan was “hey, let’s do something cool, something we are passionate about, something that might inspire a woman of any age to decide to take a chance and do something she wanted to try, even if the odds were against her and the chance of failing in the enterprise was likely.   So we did.  And we are.  ” — HAZEL


What we have discovered in the process is that while we know how to count on the unlikely becoming reality, this much unlikely is a big pill to swallow, and when you factor in the complete upheaval of life as we knew it, and you throw in some unexpected home schooling, the complete inability to work in the same physical space, and simple fact that sometimes getting one foot in front of the other is the best you can hope to accomplish, well, things get done when they get done, unless they have deadlines, and we do not.


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